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Nun werden aus den zehn Wochen Sabbatical doch „nur“ sieben Wochen Urlaub. Einerseits schade, andererseits hatte ich angeboten flexibel zu sein und ich freue mich darüber, dass die Kollegen in Japan nach langen Bemühungen erfolgreich waren einen Auftrag für DNV GL an Land zu ziehen.

Dear Uwe-san, 
Today we have received request for Concept Design Assessment for 2700 TEU container from Oshima Shipyard. 
But they would like to receive the deliverables by end of August…   
I know now you’re on vacation but I think you can be flexible as mentioned below. 
Regarding their preparation for the assessment, I will confirm soon but they will prepare necessary drawings and data by beginning of August. 
Please confirm if you’re available in August. 
Please note that Oshima will ask us the same assessment for 1800 TEU after 2700 TEU. 
And, our competitor, NK, is approaching Oshima to support their design of feeder containers. 
We will also support Oshima to have AiP for feeder containers’ design after this assessment. 
I think your assessment could be more advantage for our class business of future feeder projects. 
Your co-operation and prompt reply would be highly appreciated. 
Best regards, 
Daigo Yoshinaga
DNV GL Hiroshima

Dear Daigo-san, 
Good news! 
I can try to shorten my vacation to be back in the office middle of August. 
This gives enough time for the study until end of August. 
In principle I need no drawings, correct. 
However, we have to agree on several measures before starting this investigation. 
So, every additional information being available will speed up the process. 
Best regards from Son in Norway, 
Uwe Hollenbach
DNV GL Hamburg

Dear Uwe-san, 
Thanks so much for your prompt and co-operative reply! 
I will contact Oshima to agree with several measures to proceed this assessment. 
Best regards,
Daigo Yoshinaga
DNV GL Hiroshima
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