Silver Rudder 2016

SolvRoret ImageIn diesem Jahr war ich nicht dabei… Als klar war, dass ich im Sommer wieder eine längere Reise machen konnte, hatte ich meine Meldung schon Mitte Juni zurückgezogen. Auch wenn die SNAEDIS am Sonntag noch mit „not yet finished“ in den Ergebnislisten stand, ich war nicht da und hatte auch nicht vor da zu sein… Aber als die ersten Posts so vieler Segelfreunde auf Facebook zu sehen waren, deren Anreise nach Svendborg, die Vorbereitung auf die Regatta, die Starts im Lifestream, da war die einzigartige Stimmung dort im Hafen und während der Regatta in Gedanken sofort wieder präsent und ich wäre doch gerne dort gewesen. Hier ein paar Impressionen – mehr für mich selbst als Erinnerung…

Alle Fotos diesen Jahres von

Hans Genthe

Hans Genthe mit seiner BB10

Hans Genthe mit seiner BB10 und dem „gigantisk stor“ Top-Spinnaker von der Asso99

Mein Start zum Silverrudder 2016 🙂 … die Halse war verdammt knapp. Fast 10 Minuten Video auf YOUTUBE von 2:01:58 bis 2:11:53. Kommentar im Video: Gigantisk stor spiler- den tyske kapseijler;)))“

Welche Platzierung es geworden ist? 20. Platz von 46. in meiner Gruppe 30-35 Fuß. Es wird ohne Vergütung gesegelt und auch nach Länge eingeteilt. Mit der BB10 habe ich gegen X 331, X99, JPK 10.10, X 342, Fareast 31R, etc segeln müssen – nach ORC müssen die alle viel schneller sein. Ist aber ein Riesenspaß, denn man darf alle Segel einsetzen. Habe unsere alten ASSO-Segel auf der BB10 gefahren.

Peter Kohlhoff

...17-19kn Wind mit typischer Ostseewelle...

…17-19kn Wind mit typischer Ostseewelle…

…das Silverrudder eine coole Regatta ist, weiß ja nun mittlerweile wirklich jeder… Hier ein paar Fotos von GLORIA und mir, vielleicht sieht man ein bisschen wieviel Laune das macht…

Hasso Hoffmeister: …und das fast schönste an Silverrudder ist ein gepflegtes Getränk aus Peter’s Bordbar und ein Zigarillo am Nachmittag nach dem Rennen mit Freunden an Bord von GLORIA! 🙂

Team Swash Buckler (X/99)

"Swash Buckler" kurz vor dem Ziel

„Swash Buckler“ kurz vor dem Ziel

Ich hab’s doch nochmal versucht – und endlich geschafft! 2014 in der Mörderflaute 20 Meilen vor dem Ziel aufgegeben, 2015 nicht angetreten – die Silverrudder Challenge beschäftigt mich schon eine ganze Weile….

Ein toller Bericht vom diesjährigen SilverRudder vom „Team Swash Buckler“ mit seiner X/99 auf seiner homepage: X99 SWASHBUCKLER

Mathias Müller von Blumencron (RED Class 40)

Off to a new experience: North towards Svendborg for the start to the Silverrudder Challenge, the worlds largest (but certainly not longest) Singlehand Event. First Class 40 ever on the starting line. 400 participants, 80 alone in the 40 feet class. Length of the starting line 200 meter. Will be crowded. Good mood! Follow the race on the Trac Trac App.

400 Skippers are preparing their boats for the Round Funen Singlehand Sprint. Boats range from Folkeboats, Seascapes, Minis, Yachts of all sizes to slick Trimarans. The special feeling: Everybody is totally relaxed, helpful, open. A wonderful day before a fun race.

RED Class 40 und GLORIA

RED Class 40 und Peter Kohlhoff mit GLORIA

Back from Silverrudder, the Race of the empty boats. A great experience with no second of sleep and hardly any relaxing moment. Tack with dozens of boats in a narrow inlet by night. Try to adapt your sails to a different course every couple of miles. Navigate Cargo ships and myriad of shallow reefs. At the end RED had a great lead as the first monohull until a 3/4 mile before the finishing line, when the breeze died completely and strong current pushed us backwards. There we waited together with the first Trimarans THREE long hours for wind and finally anchored. Then breeze came and with it two dozens of boats from far behind. We could not move before they all were passing right and left. So, well, we ended up third. But that’s part of the game. The fun of pushing the boat around the island of Funen on a late summer weekend with 400 other starters was unforgettable. It’s the creative Danes who invented the race and made it into the most successful event of its kind within four years. Thanks to the organizers. See you next time…with 600 starters?

Lutz Spannuth mit seiner Avance36

Lutz Spannuth mit seiner Avance36

Which were the most remarkable boats, before the breeze died? There was the pumped up Jollenkreuzer „Black Maggy“, built and sailed by Wolfram Heibeck from Hooksiel, a piece of Art in Aesthetics and Technology. There was the Swedish FarEast 31 „Kuai“, sailed by Per Svanberg. And the Swedish Admiralty 30 „Airbender“, a true missile of a boat. And of course the Esse850 „Firlefanz“ by Franz Schollmayer. There’s was the fun little Mini „Harp8“, sailed by Contender-Veteran Joachim Harpprecht. And there was the JPK 38, a remarkably fast modern cruiser racer, sailed very well by last years winner Andreas Rohde. Compare this boat with the latest designs of X-Yachts and you can see, how a once innovative yard lost its edge on the market for fast boats. Well, you earn more with large cruisers, but your image fades slowly. Don’t miss Silverrudder 2017!

Learning from the Danes: How to conduct one of the strangest, funniest, coolest races ever…

Auf Magische Momente im Kleinen Belt

Hasso Hoffmeister

Dear Ole Ingemann Nielsen,

Mein Kollege Hasso mit seiner MANITU

Mein Kollege Hasso mit seiner MANITU

During my ride home by car with my boat on the trailer behind me I had time to reflect a little on what has happened to me during the last days. I wish to THANK YOU and your team for making this a great, great experience for me and I am sure others as well.

To share a little bit of what you missed because you had lots to do and organise; and this allowed us to enjoy: here are my highlights of this years adventure:

  • The starlit night when the half moon was rising with millions of stars above and hundreds of stars on the water, all in red, green or white around me.
  • It was like crossing through a jungle when we passed the southern end of Lille Belt. It was calm and no wind and there were some strange animal voices coming from the nearby forest, partly scary!

My Motto for the race: ALONE AND NOT ALONE.

Ole, please make this event happen again in 2017!

Best regards, Hasso

Philip Cossen

Dear Silver Rudder team,

Thanks for a great race. I am proud to live in the fantastic town that hosts the world’s largest single handed race! I am convinced that all participants appreciate the extent of work required to stage such a huge event. The shore support needed is overwhelming for a small club and community. Well done SVA!

Qualified decisions were taken (T-shirt or cap). These appear to have repercussions beyond what the decision makers could imagine. We live and learn…

On a constructive note, please consider how we can improve things next year… here are a few suggestions:

  • Use text messages to communicate to all the participants. Everyone has registered the boat’s mobile phone number. Set up a text message list and send all participants important information simultaneaously.
  • Allocate a VHF channel for race info.
  • Prize giving time must be communicated.
  • Consider a low cost and simple snack solution for participants as they return to port. Soup or a hotdog and a free beer.
  • It is normal at large regattas, that all participants receive a cap or standard T-shirt when they register.
  • The Silver Rudder T-shirt is NOT merely a piece of clothing. This should only be awarded to sailors that complete the event.
  • Stress the importance of respecting the International Collision Avoidance Rules. Luffing is NOT part of these rules and should be avoided.
  • Pre-race briefing should contain information on weather and current prognosis.
  • Info to sailors on the fact that naval vessels are patrolling the race course in case of an emergency.
  • Boats using their engine after the five minute signal should be disqualified.
  • News updates on the Silver Rudder website throughout the event.
  • Communication up to and after the event are vitally important.
  • Update result list constantly. Not 24 hours after the last boat has completed.
  • News letters via e-mail leading up to the event.

I hope that the above points will be taken in the constructive manner that they are given.

Kind regards
Philip Cossen (Funky Fish)

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